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Art, craft & design lesson plans & art resouces

The Paul Carney arts website is packed with art resources and art lesson plans for teaching art at all stages of education. All have been designed to the highest standards by me from over twenty years of art teaching experience.

Are you a  KS1 Primary Teacher or Upper Primary art teacher looking for low cost and FREE art resources? Check out my pages especially designed for you.

If you're a Secondary art teacher looking for lesson plans, ideas, FREE resources and GCSE art advice then click here. For advice on assessment in art click here and for art consultancy click here. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries!

Art, craft & design lesson plans & art resources
Art, craft & design lesson plans & art resources
Art, craft & design lesson plans & art resources
Art, craft & design lesson plans & art resources
Printmaking for the classroom

The Art Teacher's Handbook

Completely revised and rewritten, my Art Teacher's Handbook is 20 years art teaching experience as an Advanced Skills Teacher, Head of Department and Primary art teacher condensed into 300 pages. Packed with content to help you make art teaching a whole lot easier! MORE INFO

Secondary Assessment

For those who do not want to buy my full Art Teacher's Handbook, this is the Assessing without Levels chapter on its own. Shows you what to look for when assessing art, how to monitor pupils progress easily and effectively in the classroom MORE INFO

Primary Assessment

This ebook is the primary assessment chapter from my Handbook. It shows you how to assess to the new National Curriculum attainment targets. It contains a complete progression model with loads of information to help you assess art with confidence. MORE INFO

The Art of Questions

Raise attainment, open the door to pupil-centred teaching and ditch the teacher-led model. The art of questions is contained in the full Handbook and is a guide to developing a question based curriculum where students become more independent learners MORE INFO

Printmaking in the busy classroom

This 80 page, fully illustrated guide to printmaking shows you thirteen simple printmaking exercises that can be done with a minimum of expertise, are low cost and will make the minimum of mess. Suitable for KS1, 2 or 3 MORE INFO

Hi Paul, I just wanted to say thanks. Your Handbook is probably the most practical resource I've come across. it has really helped develop my planning and I believe it has made me a better teacher! Thank you  Ollie Briggs 


"My resources are recommended by the NSEAD Expert Advisory Group."

Lesson Plans

Did you know there's lots of free resources and tips and advice on teaching art on the Early Years, Primary & Secondary pages?

Art, craft & design lesson plans & art resources

Media Art

Ages 11-16

Pop Art gets a 21st Century facelift! This a Contemporary Scheme aimed at improving thinking skills and asks deep, Essential Questions of your students to learn how Modern Art has evolved into a thriving contemporary movement. And instead of just making a bland Pop Art style picture, the students are challenged to think about how the media affects their life.


Formal elements lesson plan

Expressive Painting

Ages 11-16

Expressive Painting Formal Elements: Age 10-16 FULL Contemporary Scheme inc. thinking skills. Improve your student's painting techniques whilst learning the FORMAL ELEMENTS of art. Using Essential Big Questions this FULL Unit of Work is beautifully designed to challenge and stretch your students MORE INFO

Surrealism Dreams art project


Ages 11-16

This lesson teaches Photoshop by means of a detailed step-by-step exercise. You can use free online software if you don’t have Photoshop (links included.) There is also a detailed guide to drawing faces from observation. The skills are then combined into a fun Dream project. This is especially liked by the boys MORE INFO

Macro Art lesson plan

Macro Art

Ages 7 -16

Suitable for most age ranges, this very flexible project combines digital photography with the art of observational drawing. It is a great project for getting some quality, expressive drawing work in student’s portfolios at exam stage or for teaching younger students to ‘see’ more closely. A very expressive lesson


African Mask Making art lesson plan

African Mask Making

Ages 7-16

Suitable for most age ranges, this very flexible mask making project leads your students through deep, web based investigation of the Dogon Tribe in Mali, to fully understand the reasons masks and ceremonial costumes are made, before providing a wealth of resources on mask design and mask making. MORE INFO

Me in a Box

Ages 10-14

This project is a lovely twist on the traditional art theme of identity or portraits. It uses symbolism and metaphor as well as Maths NETS to create inspirational designs on a personal theme. My own students LOVED this lesson!


Funny Fish art lesson plan

Funny Fish

Ages 7-12

Complete with beautiful supporting illustrations, a teaching Powerpoint and detailed Lesson Plan with full instructions, this 4-6 hour project teaches students to illustrate fish in detail using cross-hatching pen and ink techniques, before inventing their own weird and crazy fish MORE INFO

Alien Landscape art lesson plan

Alien Landscape

Ages 7-12

The Alien Landscape project comprises: Lesson Plan, Powerpoint resources and handouts. It will show your students the principles of landscape drawing and painting, colour, depth of field, tonal range and scale in an enjoyable and stimulating project that young people enjoy.


Birds of Paradise art lesson plan

Birds of Paradise

Ages 5-7

Learn about the fabulous birds of New Guinea and how they have evolved into some of the most stunning creatures on the planet. Teach sketchbook recording techniques, art methods and my own technique of making birds using PVA glue. This is a lovely craft project for younger art students. MORE INFO

Murakami Key stage 1 art lesson plan

Mr Murakami

Ages 5-7

A delightful project that draws on the contemporary artist Takahashi Murakami to inspire painting skills theory, colour mixing, and lots of imaginative exercises. One for younger key stage 1 children, there are literacy links and lessons in colour theory, worksheets and art images for you to use in class. MORE INFO

Primary Art Mural project key stage 1 art lesson plan

Tony Cragg Mural

Ages 5-7

A delightful 3D making project that introduces the contemporary artist Tony Cragg's famous artwork Britain Seen from the North. The children will investigate the work, developing their literacy skills and make their own large scale colour wheel mural. MORE INFO

Clay Animals art lesson plan

Clay Animals

Ages 7-12

This lesson is well loved by children. It contains a Lesson Plan, Powerpoint presentation and teacher instructions and shows you in a clear, step-by-step guide how to make beautiful clay animals. Includes a ‘How to Make your own air-drying clay’ recipe MORE INFO

If you prefer you can place a school order order for these items. Simply email me your school name and address and I'll send you a confirmation invoice and a link to download the files. Your school can then pay in their usual way.

Primary Art lesson pack art lesson plan

Primary Lesson Pack

Aged 5 - 11

A whole host of Art teaching resources for your whole school. Two how to draw units with full video & presentation instructions, ten full art projects plus the complete art teacher's handbook containing advice for Primary Art Coordinators.

  • Drawing Unit Foundation Stage

  • Drawing Unit Beginner Stage

  • KS2 Clay animals

  • KS2 Alien Landscape

  • KS2 Funny Fish 

  • KS2 Language of Drawing 

  • KS2 Macro Art 

  • KS1 Birds of Paradise 

  • KS2 Contemporary drawing 

  • KS2 Mask Project 

  • KS1 Tony Cragg

  • KS1 Murakami

  • PLUS Art Handbook (which includes assessment)


Secondary art lesson pack art lesson plan

Secondary Lesson Pack

Aged 11 - 16

A whole host of Art lessons & resources designed by a secondary art expert to extend independent learning and get the best GCSE results for your school. Contains the full how to draw from observation programme,

  • the FULL Drawing programme

  • Contemporary drawing

  • KS4 Media art

  • KS4 Expressive Painting

  • KS3 or 4 Dreams

  • KS4 Macro Art

  • KS3 or 4 Dogon Mask Project

  • KS3 Alien Landscape

  • KS3 Funny Fish

  • KS3 Language of Drawing

  • KS3 or 4 Contemporary drawing

  • Art teachers Handbook (Which includes assessment


Murakami Key stage 1 art lesson plan

Primary Lesson Plans only

For those who don't want to buy the whole Primary Art pack, why not buy the lesson plans only?

Contains: Eleven full art projects specially designed for the Primary School. Three projects are included for Key Stage 1 including a mural project based on the artist Tony Cragg, A painting unit that uses the Japanese artist Takahashi Murakami and a cross curricular craft project on birds of paradise.
For key stage two there is a mask making project, an alien project, drawing, craft projects and clay. There’s lots of art lessons for everyone and each comes with full planning, teaching resources and clear instructions.

art lesson plan

Developing Approaches to Art

A new ebook designed to help teachers create a wide and varied range of art activities, instead of the same linear approaches they use year in, year out! Take an activity you use frequently then give it a new lease of life MORE INFO

Teaching Drawing Skills

Did you know there's lots of free resources and tips and advice on teaching art on the Early Years, Primary & Secondary pages?

Learning to draw realistically takes time, dedication and patience. Teaching these drawing skills can be challenging too, because pupils often give up in frustration. These drawing units are designed to take the sting out of teaching and learning to draw. But drawing realistically is only one style of drawing. Why not take a look at the contemporary drawing styles or abstract drawing?

How to Draw

How to Draw from Observation

The full observational drawing programme contains four drawing units to teach drawing from observation from the very beginnings to an advanced stage. They contain full windows format videos and Powerpoint presentations plus all associated worksheets. It even contains an Assessment system to make marking easy, even for a non-specialist!


Contemporary drawing

Contemporary Drawing

The Ebook features 12 modern drawing activities that stimulate creative and unique approaches to drawing and do not require realistic drawing skills.


Abstract drawing

Abstract Drawing

This lesson challenges students to invent a secret language then draw in an abstract way to communicate words and phrases in their own unique style.


Foundation Stage how to draw

Foundation Drawing

Foundation Stage for unconfident, SEN or younger artists. Typically, students working at this stage will be 7-9 or people who completely lack the confidence to draw anything.


Beginner Stage how to draw

Beginner Drawing

Beginner Stage for students approx 7-11 age to develop 3D drawing and shading. The download contains 3 Windows format videos, 8 Powerpoint plus work sheets.


Intermediate Stage how to draw

Intermediate Drawing

Intermediate Stage for more advanced KS2 or younger KS3 students to develop drawing. Contains 2 longer Windows format videos, 4 Powerpoint presentations plus worksheets.


Advanced Stage how to draw

Advanced Drawing

Advanced Stage for students approx 13-16. By the end of this stage students should be fully confident in drawing from observation and will only need to practise those skills further. 


Online How to Draw programme

ONLINE Drawing Programme

Secondary art teachers; flip the classroom and give your pupils the opportunity to learn to draw at their own pace at home or in class. Perfect for the new GCSE drawing requirements.

Primary Teachers; have a complete 'How to Draw' programme at your finger tips in a convenient web browser that the whole school can use!


Get the FULL Drawing Programme download with additional ONLINE access! For just a small additional cost you will get the download link for the full drawing programme AND a password log in for the ONLINE version. This allows every teacher and pupil to access it from anywhere there is internet access and on any device, so they can teach themselves how to draw in class or you can set an exercise for homework.


Click the More Info button to buy the programme. Or if you prefer you can place a school order order for this item. Simply email me your school name and address and I'll send you a confirmation invoice and log in details for instant access. Your school can then pay in their usual way.

Click the image to read a review of the Drawing Programme by Perry Beeches Junior School

Consultancy Service

As an NSEAD registered art consultant, I offer a friendly, professional art consultancy service to schools, from Early Years right through to Secondary GCSE. I've worked with infant schools to improve art assessment, delivered primary school CPD on skills and progression, worked with secondary Subject Leaders to raise attainment and done whole school, art department audits including formal lesson observation and raising GCSE attainment. I can usually visit your school for about the price of sending two staff on a full day CPD course!

Email Me


Training Courses

Please follow the link to see my latest CPD teacher training courses. If you can't see any that suits your needs, why don't you arrange for a bespoke in-school service?

Art & Design Consultant INSET CPD

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