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High-quality original art by Paul Carney

2022-01-12 14.27.08.jpg

Tyneside artist Paul Carney's beautiful artwork is now available as print to order. Simply select the print you want, email me and I'll reply with a price to have it printed.

They look stunning printed on canvas, but they are available to print on other surfaces - on wood or as a high gloss photo poster.

Prices vary according to size, but usually range from £60 for a 60cm x 40cm size then up to £199 for a 100cm x 70cm print, including postage.

M Series

The M Series are abstract digital drawings based on microscopy photos of organic matter by Paul Carney.

Abstract Digital Paintings

Tyneside & the Coast

Classical art as anatomical studies

The mirror that flatters not
Creation of Adam
Barberini Faun
Pierre de Wiessant
Old Fisherman
Pieta by Michelangelo
Hand of David
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