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Biography Paul Carney 

Paul is a nationally recognised art & design consultant having delivered specialist art CPD in schools, colleges, galleries, and Universities across the UK and for the UK’s leading training providers. He is a fellow of the Royal Society for Arts and a former Council member for the NSEAD, which means he is involved in national art education policy issues.

Paul is a published author of two books: Drawing for Science, Invention and Discovery and his latest book Drawing to learn anything. He is also a practicing professional artist and designer. 

Paul runs his highly successful art website: that provides high quality teaching resources and advice to teachers around the world. He has over twenty years teaching experience at Primary, Secondary and post-16 levels of education, is an Advanced Skills Teacher, ex-Subject Leader for Art and was a member of the DfE Expert Advisory Group for Art and Design. 

In addition to this he was a member of the NSEAD Curriculum Writing Group that wrote the 'Framework for Progression, Planning for Learning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting 2014.’ 


Technical Stuff


If for any reason your file hasn't downloaded or it is corrupt then just email me and I'll give you a direct link to the file. I usually answer all my queries pretty quickly so it shouldn't take me long.



If I can't resolve your complaint then email me and I'll give you your money back. 


Complaints & Compliments

Please don't hesitate to let me know if anything in my work is wrong, offensive, in error or that you feel infringes your own work or copyright. I will answer any complaints seriously and I respect your rights and views. However, I always love to see the work your students have produced from my teaching resources so PLEASE contact me or connect on Twitter etc. to show me. Alternatively, please tell me how wonderful I am, I don't get to hear it as often as I should :-)



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Subscribing to my email list 

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Consultancy Service

As an NSEAD registered art consultant, I offer a friendly, professional art consultancy service to schools, from early years right through to Secondary GCSE. I've worked with infant schools to improve art assessment, delivered primary school CPD on skills and progression, worked with Subject Leaders to raise attainment and done whole school, secondary art department audits including formal lesson observations and department reviews. My over-arching strategy is to support the professional development of hard working professionals with positive and constructive advice for improvement.

My consultancy bookings are now being handled by Iain Simper of the Learning Partnership. For enquiries email Iain here


Training Courses

Please follow the link to see my latest CPD teacher training courses. If you can't see any that suits your needs, why don't you arrange for a bespoke in-school service?

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