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Art, craft & design Professional Development Courses

I deliver a number of Primary & Secondary art INSET CPD Continuing Professional Development training courses around the country, some hosted by myself and others for third party training providers. Please see below for a list of up and coming training days.

quality art, craft & design teacher CPD from Paul Carney and Susan Coles

Susan Coles & Paul Carney Arts are delighted to announce an online CPD programme for national and international Primary & Secondary schools for 2020/2021. Each session can be purchased individually at £30 each or as a yearly CPD package: £240 for 9 Primary courses or £150 for 6 Secondary courses. 


Contact paulcarneyarts@gmail.com  for more details

For all bookings visit: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/paul-carney-arts






· Recovering our curriculum, supporting our learners Tues Sept 29th 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Using visual art education to support well-being in young people within a post covid curriculum model. A wide range of subject experts will provide ideas, approaches, techniques and practical solutions to bringing us all back together.

Speakers: Dr Penny Hay Artist, Educator, Artist, Educator, Reader and Research Fellow, Bath Spa University, Director of Research House of Imagination.

David Wearing: Head Teacher, Kelsall Primary ., Cheshire.

Paula Briggs (Access Art) will introduce their new Drawable project & it’s rationale

Susan Coles – the recovery curriculum from a national and international perspective.


· Creativity & knowledge: a harmony of halves Tues Oct 13th 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Examining the importance of creativity in a knowledge-rich learning environment. How can we teach children to be more creative with the knowledge they gain? Planning and sequencing exciting, stimulating learning in visual art lessons that encompass both robust knowledge and personal creativity.

Speakers: Sue Cowley, author of 30 education books, national and internationally renowned, engaging and inspirational speaker.

Gemma Comber — Art subject lead will share her exciting best practice in the subject.

Susan Coles – The importance of creativity in a knowledge led learning environment.

Paul Carney – Plan & sequence creative lessons with robust subject knowledge.

· Leading the Primary Art Subject effectively  Tue 10th Nov 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Designed for subject leaders or aspiring subject leaders of art, craft, and design at Primary phase to facilitate greater confidence and understanding of the subject. Including auditing the art curriculum, managing resources, Ofsted expectations, planning and monitoring outcomes.

Speakers: Susan Coles – ‘what does it mean to be the art, craft & design coordinator?

Chris Howlett, North Tyneside Primary Art adviser and teacher for 30 years.

Cheryl Stanley, primary art subject lead, Welbeck Academy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Paul Carney – Ofsted expectations and planning for a successful subject.

· Sketchbooks in the primary phase  Tues Jan 19th 2021 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Supporting the art curriculum with sketchbooks, understanding the rationale of recording the process in different ways and with an online practical session that you can use in the classroom the very next day.

Speakers: Access Art how sketchbooks can extend and develop ideas and thinking.

Mandy Barrett Gomersal Primary School how and why sketchbooks are used in class.

Susan Coles zine making and why and how zines can work for your own young people.

Paul Carney sketchbooks & journals by leading artists & their range of purposes.

· Finding & Exploring Influential Artists Tues Feb 16th 2021 4.30pm – 6.30pm

What is influential art? Where do I find influential artists? How do I ensure I teach a broad, balanced art history? Finding and using artists, designers, makers and architects to inspire the curriculum and engage learners. Speakers: to be announced

· Bridging the culture gap Tues Mar 23rd 2021 4.30pm – 6.30pm

How does art support a school with developing its Cultural Capital in an authentic and meaningful way? Is culture elitist? What is meant by cultural capital? Exciting, practical ideas for injecting cultural capital into your art curriculum. Speakers: to be announced

· Art for all Tues Apr 20th 2021 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Planning and delivering an inclusive approach to visual art, including SEND, MAT, diversity, and gender equality. Specialist subject experts will outline a wide range of practical approaches to help you ensure your curriculum is fit for all. Speakers: to be announced

· Visual literacy for 21st Century learning Tue 18th May 4.30pm – 6.30pm

What is visual literacy, why is it important and how do I teach it? Practical exercises in using art to engage young children in interpreting an image and applying that knowledge to their own work and creativity. Speakers: to be announced

· EYFS: Where the magic happens Tues Jun 8th 2021 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Exploring a wide range of visual art learning approaches using EYFS experts and practitioners to demonstrate practical and pedagogical techniques. Speakers: to be announced



· Teaching in the Now Wed Oct 21st  - 4.30pm – 6.30pm

What should the curriculum look like in Art and Design, post Covid, for key stage 3 and for key stages 4 and 5? What changes/revisions are needed? How can we motivate young people and guarantee their progress and also prepare for an unknown future?

  • NEAAT Network of East Anglian Art Teachers, led by Becky Mizon - Director of Creative Studies, Ormiston Victory Academy, Norwich.

  • Georgia Naish – Assistant Principal Moderator will discuss the latest information about key stage 4 and 5 expectations in light of the changes.

  • Susan Coles - “So, let’s talk about motivation......just what is it like to be a secondary school student right now?” 

  • Paul Carney – A United front – Recovery across the curriculum, not just in art!


· A knowledge-led, creatively relevant art curriculum  - Wed Nov 18th 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Planning and sequencing a contemporary curriculum that develops across key stage 3 and 4 with purpose and intent. What motivates young people? Join us for a sharing of opinions and inspiring examples from practitioners.

  • Professor Bill Lucas, Professor of Learning and Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning, strategic advisory group for the 2021 PISA test of Creative Thinking.

  • Professor Pat Thompson, Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham.

  • Paul Carney – Can we teach creativity?

  • Rachel Veldtman – A Campaign for a Creative Curriculum


· Through the Lens Wed Dec 9th - 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Ideas for teaching GCSE Photography. Exciting ideas to engage all students in the subject and including relevant ‘drawing’ and ‘annotation’ and process recording. We will look at how we can raise attainment through GCSE Photography as a specification, and as part of other GCSE specifications, using case studies and hearing from established practitioners.

  • Elaine Humbleby (Sprowston Community College, Norwich) will outline her GCSE project “A portrait of the artist” exploring identity and image.

  • Jono Carney (Framwellgate School, Durham) starting a new GCSE Photography course....where to begin? Let’s find out, with Jono leading the way. 

  • Jill Reay (Farringdon School, Sunderland) will outline her GCSE Photography film making project, including story boarding and planning. Approaches to annotation will also be covered. Highly praised by visiting moderator! 

  • Bradley Hodgson Cramlington Learning Village —Think like a photographer

  • Susan Coles how drawing can be covered within the Photography specification. 


· Teaching & challenging the hard to reach students Wed Jan 20th - 4.30pm – 6.30pm

How to get the most out of those that might struggle to access your curriculum and programmes of study. A fully inclusive curriculum requires planning and differentiation. Join in the discussion and hear from practitioners and case studies.

Speakers: Denise Taylor – Principle of Beacon of Light School, Sunderland & art teacher.

Francis Akinde - Headteacher of Rivermead School, London & teacher of art.

Susan Coles – “Quick wins with the boys, to engage and motivate them in the subject.”

Paul Carney – will talk of his experiences of leading art in a challenging school. 


· Want to improve your GCSE Art & Design grades? Wed March 24th - 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Find out about developing Independent learning skills in KS3 and making that transition into KS4 and beyond. What lies behind those successful grades and how can you teach it and instil it in your own department? We discuss strategies that have worked in the classroom.


· Leading the subject at Secondary level Wed May 19th - 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Practical guidance for current subject leaders and aspiring subject leaders in leading your department and in raising the profile of the subject with all stakeholders. What are the qualities that make leadership effective and strong and can  you respond to an OFSED ‘deep dive’ with confidence? Join us for a thoughtful and inspiring session on subject leadership.

More online art courses by Paul Carney can be found here at Learning Partnership Peterborough 


Content featured on this site is © Copyright of Paul Carney unless otherwise stated.

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