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Hi Paul, I just wanted to say thanks. Your Handbook is probably the most practical resource I've come across. it has really helped develop my planning and I believe it has made me a better teacher! Thank you

Ollie Briggs









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I was observed today by the local authority. I told them I had been engaging the less interested boys in my group with your Media Art project. She was very impressed and thought it was amazing as it linked very well to culture and PSHE. During my feedback she said she had never seen that used before and that it I should patent it, so thanks for that, the students have found it challenging but are really kicking off with it now.
Amanda Skilton 

A whole host of beautifully designed art lesson plans for teaching art, craft and design at all ages

picWelcome to my website for teachers and educators of art and design around the world. My site aims to offer you free advice and support as well as providing a range of low cost art lesson plans for teachers at Early Years, Kindergarten, Primary, Elementary, Secondary, Middle and High School. I hope there is something for everyone and if there is something you can't find, let me know and I'll try to get it for you. I offer a full consultancy service to UK and international schools and I also provide Teacher Training services. I like to think I'm a friendly guy, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

My lessons (except the drawing units) contain everything you need to teach the unit; full lesson plans that cover; Learning Objectives, Success Criteria, Differentiation, tips and hints, handouts for students, assessment guidance, artist links and cross-curricular links where appropriate. They also contain a full teaching Powerpoint presentation for you to use and full colour instructions. You also get handouts, artist images and supporting pictures where relevant.


The new Art Teacher's Handbook

The art teacher's handbook contains 141 pages of information. Advice on how to teach art, planning projects, assessment, computers in art, G&T, differentiation, GCSE art, Primary art, sketchbooks, lesson observations, art history, SEN art plus lots of resources to use in your lessons. Written by an Advanced Skills art teacher with twenty years experience of teaching art and leading art departments.


Key Stage 3 Art Assessment

For those who do not want to buy my full Art Teacher's Handbook, this is the Assessing without Levels chapter on its own. Shows you what to look for when assessing art, how to monitor pupils progress easily and effectively in the classroom and how to help pupils understand what they need to do to improve. Contains: a Pdf ebook and supporting files as Word docs for you to edit.


Key Stage 2 Art Assessment

This ebook shows you how to assess to the new National Curriculum attainment targets. It contains a complete progression model with loads of information to help you assess art with confidence. Contains a full year by year progression model for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 as well as loads more content and editable templates for you to use.


Key Stage 1 EYFS Assessment

Assessing art at Key Stage one and early years should be light, sensitive and positive.This ebook contains a complete progression model with loads of information to help you assess art with confidence. Contains a full year by year progression model for EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2, Display poster for your classroom, Assessment place mat, Art examples of what you should assess and loads more.

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picHow to Draw from Observation - Download

The full observational drawing programme contains all four drawing units so that your students can learn to draw from observation from their very beginnings to an advanced stage. They contain full windows format videos and Powerpoint presentations plus all associated worksheets. The download even contains an Assessment system to make marking the results easy, even for a non-specialist


ONLINE - How to Draw from Observation

Get both the FULL Drawing Programme download with additional ONLINE access! For just a small additional cost you can get a unique log in and password to accompany your drawing programme.This allows your whole school to access it from home so they can teach themselves how to draw.



Foundation Drawing

Foundation Stage for unconfident, SEN or younger artists. Typically, students working at this stage will be 7-9 or people who completely lack the confidence to draw anything. The download contains: Basic Tips in drawing, Drawing Simple Shapes, Shading Part 1a, Flat tones, Shading Part 1b, Light to Dark, Cartoon Drawing. Also provided are worksheets, baseline test and assessment sheets. Contains 5 Windows format videos, 5 Powerpoint presentations


Beginner Drawing

Beginner Stage for students approx 7-11 age to develop 3D drawing and shading. This stage contains lessons in: 3D Shapes. Shading a Cube/Cylinder, Shading a Sphere, Still Life Drawing, Lettering, Perspective, Cartoon Shading, Plus worksheets and assessment sheets. The download contains 3 Windows format videos, 8 Powerpoint presentations plus all supporting sheets


Intermediate Drawing

Intermediate Stage for more advanced KS2 or younger KS3 students to develop into observational drawing. The download contains: Shading a bottle from observation, basic Measuring, Drawing and seeing details, practical exercises in Observational Drawing. Plus worksheets and assessment sheets. Contains 2 longer Windows format videos, 4 Powerpoint presentations


Advanced Drawing

Advanced Stage for students approx 13-16. By the end of this stage students should be fully confident in drawing from observation and will only need to practise those skills further. The download contains: Advanced Measuring exercises, Advanced Shading exercises, Complex Drawing video (20 mins Plus assessment sheets. Contains 2 longer Windows format videos, 4 Powerpoint presentations

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the Language of Drawing

Age 7-13 Abstract Drawing

This lesson challenges students to invent a secret language then draw in an abstract way to communicate words and phrases in their own unique style. By comparing this to abstract artists they will be able to better understand the language of drawing. Complete with full Lesson Plan and Resources, it also comes with a free starter activity and an extension task;


Macro Art

Age 7-16 Photo/Mixed Media

Suitable for most age ranges, this very flexible project combines digital photography with the art of observational drawing. It is a great project for getting some quality, expressive drawing work in student’s portfolios at exam stage or for teaching younger students to ‘see’ more closely. A very expressive and open lesson, students are free to express what they see in a variety of styles.


Media Art

Age 11 -16 Thinking skills

Pop Art gets a 21st Century facelift! This a Contemporary Scheme aimed at improving thinking skills and asks deep, Essential Questions of your students to learn how Modern Art has evolved into a thriving contemporary movement. And instead of just making a bland Pop Art style picture, the students are challenged to think about how the media affects their life .


Expressive Painting

Age 11-16 Thinking skills

Expressive Painting Formal Elements: Age 10-16 FULL Contemporary Scheme inc. thinking skills. Improve your student's painting techniques whilst learning the FORMAL ELEMENTS of art. Using Essential Big Questions this FULL Unit of Work is beautifully designed to challenge and stretch your students whilst learning the history of abstract art from beginnings to present day.


Alien Landscape

Alien Landscape

Age 9-12 Drawing with pastel

The Alien Landscape project comprises: Lesson Plan, Powerpoint resources and handouts. It will show your students the principles of landscape drawing and painting, colour, depth of field, tonal range and scale in an enjoyable and stimulating project that young people enjoy. Boys LOVE this project! It goes really well with my free download unit; design an alien.



Age 11-16 Photoshop & Drawing

This lesson teaches Photoshop by means of a detailed step-by-step exercise. You can use free online software if you don’t have Photoshop (links included.) There is also a detailed guide to drawing faces from observation. The skills are then combined into a fun Dream project. This is especially liked by the boys, they LOVE doing the Photoshop project.

Clay Animals

Clay Animals

Age 7-12, 3D Clay

This lesson is well loved by children. It contains a Lesson Plan, Powerpoint presentation and teacher instructions and shows you in a clear, step-by-step guide how to make beautiful clay animals. Includes a ‘How to Make your own air-drying clay’ recipe so you can use this even if you don’t have a kiln.

Contemporary Drawing

Contemporary Drawing

12 Drawing lessons Age 7-18

The Ebook features 12 modern drawing activities that stimulate creative and unique approaches to drawing and do not require realistic drawing skills. Using common, everday resources, each exercise links to a contemporary artist so that your students can relate the activity to professional practice.



Funny Fish

Age 7-12

Complete with beautiful supporting illustrations, a teaching Powerpoint and detailed Lesson Plan with full instructions, this 4-6 hour project teaches students to illustrate fish in detail using cross-hatching pen and ink techniques, before inventing their own weird and crazy fish to draw, design and make in a variety of ways. The tutorials show you methods of making fish in clay, wire or 3D. Great for Primary or key stage 3 year 7 to 8.


NEW: Mr Murakami

Age 5 - 7 Painting

A delightful project that draws on the contemporary artist Takahashi Murakami to inspire painting skills theory, colour mixing, and lots of imaginative exercises. One for younger key stage 1 children, there are literacy links and lessons in colour theory, worksheets and art images for you to use in class. It is accompanied by a beautiful Presentation that can be used time and time again.


NEW: Tony Cragg

Age 5 - 7, 3D Project

A delightful 3D making project that introduces the contemporary artist Tony Cragg's famous artwork Britain Seen from the North. The children will investigate the work, developing their literacy skills and their ability to understand contemporary art. After that they make their own large scale colour wheel mural using three simple making techniques.


Birds of Paradise

Age 5-7, 3D Craft

Learn about the fabulous birds of New Guinea and how they have evolved into some of the most stunning creatures on the planet. Teach sketchbook recording techniques, art methods and my own technique of making birds using PVA glue. This is a lovely craft project for younger art students and is such a huge topic, it can easily be developed into a cross-curricular theme.

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Primary Lesson Pack

Aged 5-11 Contains a whole host of Art lesson plans & resources:

  • Drawing Unit Foundation Stage
  • Drawing Unit Beginner Stage
  • Clay animals
  • Alien Landscape
  • Funny Fish
  • Language of Drawing
  • Macro Art
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Contemporary drawing
  • Mask Project
  • PLUS Art Teacher's Handbook (Which includes assessment)


Secondary Lesson Pack

Aged 11 - 16 A whole host of Art lessons & resources:

  • the FULL Drawing programme
  • Contemporary drawing
  • KS4 Media art
  • KS4 Expressive Painting
  • Dreams
  • KS4 Macro Art
  • Dogon Mask Project
  • Alien Landscape
  • Funny Fish
  • Language of Drawing
  • Art teachers Handbook(Which includes assessment


African Mask Making

Age 7-16, 3D sculpture

Suitable for most age ranges, this very flexible mask making project leads your students through deep, web based investigation of the Dogon Tribe in Mali, to fully understand the reasons masks and ceremonial costumes are made, before providing a wealth of resources on mask design and mask making. With full colour resources, music files and incredible photos and mask images this project is a great resource to teach from.


Drawing with Letters

Age 4 - 7

This simple drawing unit shows pupils how to draw using letters. Building confidence is so important when drawing and often pupils think objects are too difficult for them to draw. By associating letterforms with the object they are drawing you can make drawing seem easier.

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Consultancy Service

imageI offer a friendly, professional art consultancy service to schools around the world, from early years right through to post-16 and advanced art. I've delivered training courses for leading UK Training providers, LEA's and UK art galleries. I've done teacher training work for schools from London to Newcastle, Italy, Canada and Bermuda! I am a registered NSEAD consultant.

I've had considerable experience of training graduate teachers, coaching & mentoring, NQT's, Vocational Education, GCSE's, assessment and questioning techniques including self-directed learning & independent learning.

Drawing & Painting skills sessions - Perfect for Primary schools

Assessment workshops - great for any stage of education

Raising Attainment - at GCSE exam level with some tried and testing techniques.

No Girls Allowed - Get those Boys really motivated and achieving in lessons!

Independent Learning and the Art of Questions - If you truly want to create independent learners then you need to develop a questioning model that really engages all pupils.

Using new technology in art - using iPads, tablets, software and great websites to engage young artists

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