This 20 page guide is designed to ensure the broad attainment areas set out in the curriculum are taught effectively and relates progression to the UK National Curriculum, the NSEAD National Society for Education in Art and Design attainment areas of Making Skills Generating Ideas, Knowledge and Evaluation. In addition, it also covers knowledge as defined by Bloom’s four revised taxonomy knowledge domains: procedural, factual, conceptual and metacognition. This makes my sequencing of knowledge and skills as rigorous as possible.


The 20 page progression guide contains:

1. A full year by year comprehensive guide to essential art skills and knowledge from EYFS to Year 6 that builds step by step and sequentially so you can be sure your pupils are progressing accurately.

2. A capabilities guide which outlines lists of the kinds of things your students should know and do at key moments in the curriculum.

3. An AfL What Makes an Artist assessment system that allows your pupils to track their own progress in the classroom without cumbersome marking.

4. A comprehensive help guide to planning art activities that ensure progression is happening in your school. 

Primary Art, Craft & Design Progression