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The ONLINE observational drawing programme contains four drawing units to teach drawing from observation from the very beginnings to an advanced stage. They contain full windows format videos and Powerpoint presentations plus all associated worksheets. You will recieve a password to access the online version so that you can access the programme from any computer or tablet. It even contains an Assessment system to make marking easy, even for a non-specialist.


Foundation Drawing

Foundation Stage for unconfident, SEN or younger artists. Typically, students working at this stage will be 7-9 or people who completely lack the confidence to draw anything.


Beginner Drawing

Beginner Stage for students approx 7-11 age to develop 3D drawing and shading. The download contains 3 Windows format videos, 8 Powerpoint plus work sheets.


Intermediate Drawing

Intermediate Stage for more advanced KS2 or younger KS3 students to develop drawing. Contains 2 longer Windows format videos, 4 Powerpoint presentations plus worksheets.


Advanced Drawing

Advanced Stage for students approx 13-16. By the end of this stage students should be fully confident in drawing from observation and will only need to practise those skills further. 


When you buy the programme you will get a Pdf file that explains how to use the programme and provides you with a password to enter the site.

ONLINE How to Draw Programme