My latest ebook shows you how non-skilled drawing might be applied to learning across the curriculum, in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and more for teachers and students aged 7 and above. Simple non-skilled drawing helps us remember things much more effectively, they cement our external thoughts and can help us learn more effectively. The first sample chapter; 'non-skilled drawing' is FREE to download, the book is available as a low-cost download. 

I am conscious that much of what I describe in the book is new territory for many teachers. The idea that drawing can be a very useful tool in their toolkit might be a difficult step to take, but I firmly believe that their students will take to it much more easily. Drawing information has shown in strong research to be more effective than writing or saying information out loud. This book is an attempt to investigate how it might be used across the curriculum and break out of the art room. I hope you think it is a risk worth taking. 

Drawing for Learning


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