Jungle Art Project

You might link this project to so many other areas of study about natural form, 3D work, collage, ceramics, etc. There are obvious artist links with Rousseau. My primary learning objective here is to teach colour mixing skills, tone, hue and the value of colour as well as observational drawing..


This colour mixing exercise combines simple observational drawing and colour mixing. To paint your picture you are only allowed to use Blues and Yellow paint! You must show you can mix lots of different types of green

Draw a horizon line across the paper. Add another line half way between the horizon line and the bottom of the paper:

Lines drawn across a page


Draw some plants from direct observation along the horizon line. Keep these plants small in size.

Plants drawn on the top line


Draw another row of plants along the next line down. Keep these plants middle size.

More plants drawn in the middle

Step 4

Add more plants, large in size along the bottom of the page.

Draw larger plants at the bottom


Step 5

Add tall plants and trees on both sides of the paper, add some plants hanging from the top of the page, add a sky, sun and some mountains. You could even add your favourite animals.

Draw some trees on the sides


Step 6

Paint your jungle picture now. You need to mix lots and lots different greens for this. Keep your paint quite light and put darker tones at the front, lighter tones to the back.

Paint your picture